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Seemit Praharaj

Seemit Praharaj


Phone: 574-631-5749

Office: Lab A68 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering


B.S., Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, 2009

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 2015

Summary of Activities/Interests

I am primarily interested in understanding the migration of particles due to deformation, buoyancy and inertia in confined shear flows in a parallel plate geometry.

A key area of focus is to understand the detailed mechanics of margination in this geometry. The behavior of both particles and cells is rather well understood in a dilute system. We want to develop experimental techniques and use the existing theories of dilute systems to gain insight into the effects of margination due to inertia and deformation. The knowledge gained is to be extended to more concentrated systems which have not been studied in as much detail. Ultimately, the information gained from all the above is to be used to build a quick and convenient pre-concentration device to separate out infected cells from healthy cells based on the differences in their bio-mechanical properties.

Title of Dissertation: Particle Migration In Confined Shear Flows