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Steven Schmid

Steven Schmid

Email: schmid.2@nd.edu

Phone: 574-631-9489

Office: 150 Multidisciplinary Building


Ph.D, Northwestern University, 1993

M.S., Northwestern University, 1989

B.S., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1986


Dr. Schmid performs varied research in many aspects of manufacturing, especially in tribological applications in manufacturing. Recent projects include research on the mechanisms through which emulsions lubricate metal rolling and ironing, development of new friction and heat transfer models for use in finite element simulation of forging and metal working operations, use of environmentally friendly polymer coatings in ironing, and novel forming and fabrication schemes for metal foams.

Lubrication, friction and wear problems have traditionally been subjects which were investigated, both experimentally and theoretically, at macroscopic scales, even though important phenomenon occur at the sub-micron level. For example, a surface asperity on a tooling surface will penetrate and plow a workpiece in an extrusion operation, but the maximum depth of penetration is only one-half a micrometer or so. Current research emphasizes single asperity plowing simulation in an atomic force microscope and correlation with a mathematical model based on the upper bound theorem of plasticity.

Dr. Schmid is involved in the design and manufacture of new types of orthopedic implants. One area deals with the design of new types of implants that are less invasive than traditional ones. For example, a new hip fracture device is under research that involves a 25 mm incision instead of the traditional 300 mm incision, and which does not require any dissection of soft tissue for implantation. Dr. Schmid is also developing new forms of bone ingrowth scaffolding and artificial cartilage.


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Summary of Activities/Interests

Manufacturing, design, tribology, orthopedic implants


Schmid receives SME 2019 International Honor Award

April 23, 2019

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers named Steven R. Schmid, professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, as one of five recipients if the society's 2019 International Honor Award.

Steven R. Schmid receives SME 2019 International Honor Award

April 18, 2019

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) announces Prof. Steven Schmid as one of five manufacturing professionals from industry and academia being recognized with a 2019 International Honor Award.

Schmid elected international director to SME board

September 7, 2018

Steven R. Schmid, professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, has been elected to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Board of Directors, where he will serve a two-year term as an international director beginning January 1, 2019.

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July 25, 2017

Notre Dame graduate and Fulbright scholar Kristen Kozlovsky was called “one of the best graduate students I’ve ever had the pleasure to advise” and “the best student in her class” by Professor Steve Schmid, who was closely involved in her undergraduate and graduate studies, and who nominated her for inclusion in SME’s 30 Under 30.

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