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Walter Scheirer

Walter Scheirer

Email: walter.scheirer@nd.edu

Phone: 574-631-2436

Office: 321C Stinson-Remick Hall


Ph.D., Engineering, University of Colorado, 2009

M.S., Computer Science, Lehigh University, 2006

B.A., Computer Science and International Relations, Lehigh University, 2004


My research is primarily focused around the problem of recognition, including the representations and algorithms supporting solutions to it. I am particularly interested in features and learning-based methods that apply to both vision and language, thus breaking away from the persistent compartmentalization of recognition tasks (something hinted at by David Marr over 30 years ago). This has led to some interesting, and often unconventional approaches that can be applied to a broad set of areas including computer vision, machine learning, human biometrics, and the digital humanities. Specifically, my work is looking at open set recognition, extreme value theory models for visual recognition, biologically-inspired learning algorithms, and stylometry.

Summary of Activities/Interests

Primary interests in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Biometrics,and Digital Humanities. Specific areas of research include Open Set Recognition, Extreme Value Theory Models for Visual Recognition, Biologically-inspired Learning Algorithms, and Stylometry.


COVE: A Tool for Advancing Progress in Computer Vision

October 6, 2016

Computer vision is integral to many forms of artificial intelligence, with applications ranging from the critical (autonomous vehicles recognizing pedestrians), to useful (finding a video to show you how to cook your next delicacy), to just fun (searching for images of a recent family vacation). Recent technical advances in computer vision have revealed that a sure pathway to continued progress in the field lies in easy access to a massive network of reliable and diverse open source datasets. Unfortunately, nothing like this currently exists.