Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering

Researcher in Stinson-Remick clean room

The leading-edge technology and tools in Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering empower students and faculty to fabricate nearly anything — from semiconductor electronic and optoelectronic devices to nanowires and nanotubes, to polymer-based materials, to microfluidic technologies for medical applications to micron-to-nanometer scale mechanical devices.

Clean Room/Nanofabrication Facility

This 9,000-square-foot teaching and research Clean Room/Nanofabrication Facility features powerful, industry-grade tools for design and fabrication of integrated circuits and medical devices with nanometer-sized features. Faculty and students use the Clean Room for experiments with a wide range of materials and processes, including fabricating tiny devices that manipulate electrons to making sensors that move molecules.

Makerspace 3D Print Lab

This is a great resource for the engineers of Notre Dame. Whether you’re printing for assigned class work, an engineering club, or a service project, the Makerspace 3D Print Lab has the tools to make it happen!

McCourtney Student Learning Center

The laboratory/classrooms on the first and second floors of Stinson-Remick are the center of hands-on learning for engineering undergraduates. They feature a unique combination of computer cluster, design studio, laboratory reference center, multimedia presentation area, and study space. All students are welcome in the McCourtney Student Learning Center.

Student Fabrication Laboratory

The AME Fab Lab provides workspace, equipment, and training for undergraduates designing and building prototypes for class activities, design competitions, service projects, and other endeavors.

Nearly 2,000-square-feet of space support all the design and experiential courses in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, as well as co-curricular clubs and individual projects.

The Fab Lab welcomes students from other departments and majors!

ND Energy

Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering is home to ND Energy, a University research center creating new energy technologies and systems.