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I2D2: Imagination, Innovation, Discovery, and Design

Imagination, Innovation, Discovery, and DesignThe project focuses upon two of the most basic modes of thought employed by engineers and scientists: coming up with new ideas, and using experimentation to test ideas. First-year engineering students were tasked with designing a LEGO® Pet that both appeared and behaved like the pet they were designing (for example: a dog with a tail that wags). In order to Imagination, Innovation, Discovery, and Design 2better inform they type and functionality that the pet should include, the engineering students met with groups of fifth graders from local schools from the South Bend area. Based on this customer input, the college students then designed and built pets using LEGO® Mindstorms NXT technology over a span of six weeks. Following this, the fifth graders evaluated the best pet designs from each section of the course, and also designed advertising for the product. The creativity displayed in this team design project was exceptional!