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Open Ended Design

Open Ended DesignOpen Ended Design 2One of the most unique aspects of this course is that it allows first-year students to develop their own open-ended design project under the guidance of their learning center instructor. Teams for this project are formed around student’s mutual interests for a certain project or engineering discipline, and they work together over the course of the semester to: select a project of their choosing, develop a mathematical model that represents how the system is expected to perform, design a Graphical User Interface (GUI) using MATLAB programming skills, build, test, and demonstrate their working system. Student teams are given a $100 budget for which the College will purchase items needed for the project (they even go on a course sponsored shopping trip to Lowe’s). Finally the projects are demonstrated for their instructors and peers, and depicted in a poster session that is open to the entire engineering community. The best projects are invited to come back prior to the start of the next school year to demonstrate their systems during freshman orientation for incoming students and parents.