Programs Reviewed
Friday, October 26, 2007
On the evening of October 8, Drs. Brawer and Schmid reviewed the London and Spain programs, respectively, for the Summer of 2008. A number of questions were posed by the audience, including:
  1. The language in Alcoy is not the Spanish you are taught in high school. It is Catalan, or as it is called in Alcoy, Valencian. However, all people in this area speak and understand Spanish, so you will be able to practice Spanish. As Dr. Schmid quipped, you can also take on a lisp and practice Valenthian.
  2. The application for the Spain program and London program are one and the same. The application has been added to the Basic Info page on this website.
  3. At this time, no endowment exists for the Spain program from which financial aide can be drawn. It is possible that some financial aide can be made available, but it is not certain at this time. Continue checking for new info or announcements!
  4. Travel to other locations after the Spain program can be worked out, you don’t have to travel back immediately on June 20, and you don’t have to go directly back to Chicago. You will be responsible for additional expenses associated with airfare, of course.
  5. A number of civil engineers interested in Spain already took the probability and statistics course. For these students only, we are investigating the possibility of alternate coursework.
Students are encouraged to continue contacting Dr. Schmid or Dr. Sen with further questions.