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Alumni Spotlights

A listing of the best and the brightest College of Engineering alumni.

EE in Space Exploration: An Interview with Alumna Kathy Laurini EE in Space Exploration: An Interview with Alumna Kathy Laurini

NDEE alumna Kathy Laurini shares about her 36-year career with NASA — starting the Human Research Program, balancing career and family and, of course, why Notre Dame will always hold a special place in her memory and life.

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Wind at her back Wind at her back

A high school internship in an Air Force laser laboratory inspired Danielle Merfeld’s interest in technology. As a Notre Dame freshman intent on majoring in electrical engineering, Merfeld asked if she could work in a lab, rather than in a cafeteria, to fulfill her work-study requirement.

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Guided by a Saint Guided by a Saint

How Mother Teresa and a Holy Cross priest helped send two brothers on a life-altering journey from Calcutta to the University of Notre Dame.

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Always Push Foward Always Push Foward

When Brian Richards moved into Dillon Hall as a freshman in August 2002, he knew he had some adjustments ahead. Years later he's still making adjustments and pushing forward to continue learning and growing.

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McLeod Recognized on Forbes 30 Under 30 for Manufacturing McLeod Recognized on Forbes 30 Under 30 for Manufacturing

Triple Domer Will McLeod, who co-founded his first company while he was an undergraduate, has was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2016 for his work in manufacturing and industry.

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John F. Kennedy - B.S., CEEES ’55 John F. Kennedy - B.S., CEEES ’55

It’s easy to talk about leaving a legacy, the impact or footprint of your life, but much harder to do so. The footprint left by John F. Kennedy (B.S., CEEES ’55) can be seen through the expansion of the field of hydraulic engineering.

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Stan Taylor - B.S., EE ’85 Stan Taylor - B.S., EE ’85

It may sound like a made-for-TV movie, but this real-life story is about a major AIDS epidemic; a growing number of orphans; a popular tourist destination in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro; and a Notre Dame alum who spearheaded a charitable foundation based on all of these elements. It began in 2006 when Stan Taylor (B.S., EE ’85) spent part of his summer in Africa.

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Dava J. Newman - B.S., AME ’86 Dava J. Newman - B.S., AME ’86

When Dava J. Newman arrived on the Notre Dame campus a mere decade after the University first admitted women, she thought, “It is great to be a woman in engineering.” It still is.

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Peter Janicki - B.S., CEEES ’86 Peter Janicki - B.S., CEEES ’86

The third generation of a pioneer logging family, Peter Janicki graduated from Notre Dame in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. After a few years working in industry, Janicki decided he wanted to start his own company, but he didn’t want to live in the city.

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Robert E. Henry - B.S., ME ’62; M.S., ME ’64; Ph.D., ME ’67 Robert E. Henry - B.S., ME ’62; M.S., ME ’64; Ph.D., ME ’67

Robert E. Henry, emeritus senior vice president and regent consultant of Fauske & Associates LLC (FAI), Burr Ridge, Ill., has been elected into the National Academy of Engineering. He was previously senior vice president and co-founder of FAI that was started in 1980.

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Allen Hemberger - B.S., CSE ’01 Allen Hemberger - B.S., CSE ’01

According to Allen Hemberger, creating images resembling “real life” is difficult because the human eye is extremely sensitive to computer-generated images that look fake. “In addition to the technical aspects of creating believable visual effects, the pace of my job is pretty high-octane, but the work is worth it as I have been able to grow into managerial roles.”

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