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Graduate Student Spotlights

A listing of the College of Engineering’s graduate students conducting amazing research.

Matthew R. Kelly Matthew R. Kelly

Matthew R. “Matt” Kelly is a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering, but he could ace a major in leadership if such a degree were offered.

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Ryan Ross Ryan Ross

Stress fractures are common in people undergoing intense physical activity such as military recruits, manual laborers, and athletes. Graduate student Ryan Ross is working with Associate Professor Ryan K. Roeder as part of a team developing an X-ray contrast agent to more easily identify the microdamage in bone, which causes these fractures.

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Maria Gibbs Maria Gibbs

With little more than a smartphone app and a rope, Maria Gibbs, S.M.ASCE, a Ph.D. student at the University of Notre Dame, was able to do something that normally requires a team of structural engineers and a truckload of fancy, expensive equipment.

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Kyle Butler Kyle Butler

Every year thunderstorms sweeping across the United States account for approximately $6 billion in property damage; they also cause an average of 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries. Graduate student Kyle Butler has been studying thunderstorm winds, which flow around structures in a much different way than other types of winds, creating severe pressures on the walls and roofs of buildings.

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Brian Dunn & Michael Dickens Brian Dunn & Michael Dickens

A team led by J. Nicholas Laneman, associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, and graduate students Brian Dunn and Michael Dickens uses software radio technology for experimental research and for developing solutions to national problems.

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Zachary R. Gagnon Zachary R. Gagnon

Zachary R. Gagnon was one of the four top graduating doctoral students honored with the Eli J. and Helen Shaheen Graduate School Award.

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Will McLeod Will McLeod

When Will McLeod graduated from Notre Dame in 2009 with dual degrees in mechanical engineering and industrial design, he enrolled in the new Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master’s (ESTEEM) program.

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Karsten Steinhaeuser Karsten Steinhaeuser

Karsten Steinhaeuser, whose research interests include high-performance data mining, learning from datasets, and parallel and distributed learning algorithms, is scheduled to complete his third degree, a doctorate, from Notre Dame this fall.

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