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Creating Win-Win Situations


PUBLISHED: May 13, 2015

Xerox LogoThe goal of all corporate partners is to create win-win situations for their companies and the universities they choose to affiliate with. The Xerox Corporation is no exception. As a corporate partner with Notre Dame, Xerox plays a key role developing robust relationships between their organization and the academy - a partnership that will continue to provide the company with new talent, opportunities for collaborative research, and positive publicity, while giving the University access to long-term strategic partnerships that benefit students and faculty alike. For Notre Dame and Xerox, the key intersection has been the Women's Engineering Program.

Xerox groupXerox places a strong emphasis on diversity in the workplace and has been eager to help fill the pipeline with talented Notre Dame women. To that end, the company has provided annual gifts for undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships to encourage the study of engineering among female students. The company also employs a number of alumni and provides undergraduate internship opportunities as well. In addition, Xerox was one of the first official corporate sponsors of Notre Dame athletics.