Mover and Shaker

AUTHOR: Nina Welding

PUBLISHED: March 15, 2019

For Cranston, Rhode Island native Jorge Luis Melendez Erazo choosing a degree program was not an “either-or” situation. Instead he opted to earn two degrees: one in physics from Stonehill College and one in mechanical engineering from Notre Dame. He spent his first three years at Stonehill and is currently working to complete his engineering requirements — with a concentration in energy — at Notre Dame.

Earning two degrees has kept Erazo very busy. For example, this past summer he participated in a co-op research program between Notre Dame and Honeywell in South Bend. He worked with Notre Dame faculty members and two Honeywell engineers to determine the feasibility of implementing direct-drive electro-hydraulic servo valves in flight/fuel control systems.

He’s also stayed active outside of the classroom and research labs. At Stonehill he volunteered with an organization known as “My Brother’s Keeper,” where he collected donated furniture and goods and helped redistribute them to needy families in the Brockton, Massachusetts area.

He was also a member of Stonehill’s varsity football team [he played safety]. Football is definitely a passion of his. “Athletics is my escape from a busy class and academic schedule,” he says. “Beyond that, my participation in the Baja team has shaped a lot of my career goals moving forward.” The Baja club simulates real-world engineering design projects as each university team designs, engineers, builds, tests, and races with a vehicle they create.
As far as being a transfer student, Erazo says it was a smooth transition. “I was fortunate to have transferred with several peers from Stonehill into the same major at Notre Dame,” he says. “Working together on homework offered a supplementary avenue for learning outside the classroom in a relaxed setting.”