Team Player

AUTHOR: Nina Welding

PUBLISHED: July 10, 2019

Engineers often talk about the impact they want to  make. But how does one measure that impact, whether a career — as a student or a professional — is a successful one? According to Holly Miller, a senior from Canton, Ohio, majoring in chemical engineering, it's community and the way members of the community learn and grow together.

From her research experiences studying the synthesis and characterization of uranium crystals and also investigating the usefulness of various catalysts for applications in biomass conversations, to her semester spent studying in Dublin, Miller has experienced communities of all kinds. She's learned how to work independently and as a member of a team.

She has participated in service activities through the Notre Dame Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, collaborated with the City of South Bend on local projects, and worked with  young boys and girls on STEM activities. Miller has also interacted with members of her dorm community, as well as the alumni on her department's advisory council. She's quick to share the impact these experiences made on her because they manifested so plainly the interconnected nature of the Notre Dame community and its passion for making an engineering education here the best it can be.

"If a student asked me about the engineering program at Notre Dame," she says, "I would tell them the professors are experts in their fields and extremely accessible to students who seek help with classwork or even just someone to talk to. But what has really made Notre Dame engineering special for me is the camaraderie and support that I find among my classmates. I feel so lucky to be able to learn in an environment that encourages collaboration rather than competition."