Eli Lilly Speaker Event
Eli Lilly Speaker Event
ChemE Car Team
ChemE Car Team
ChemE Car Competition Pittsburgh
ChemE Car Competition Pittsburgh

Welcome to the University of Notre Dame Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Join ND's chapter of AIChE as we hold professional development and social events throughout the year! 

Welcome to AIChE

Welcome to the student chapter of AIChE at the University of Notre Dame, the primary professional student organization for chemical engineering students. 

We provide academic, professional, and social activities to our membership. We offer opportunities to network with corporate representatives from companies in chemical engineering-related industries, participate in our ChemE Car and ChemE Jeopardy Teams and serve as officers and commissioners within our student club. Join us to form lasting friendships and grow as a chemical engineer. 

If you're interested in getting involved please send an email to aiche@nd.edu. We hope you will join us!

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