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Hannah Swope

ChemE Car Captain

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Swope. I'm a senior from Ebensburg, PA. 

I chose Chemical Engineering my freshman year for some pretty simple reasons. In high school, I liked chemistry and math. At one point I took a career aptitude tests and it was one of my top matches. Of course, I've learned some things since then, and now I understand that chemical engineering isn't just chemistry and math. It's a way of thinking, approaching problems, and understanding the world. ND CBE is shaping who I am and helping me to become a driving force in my career and community.

I love being a member of AIChE because of all the great opportunities it provides for me and my peers. There's plenty of fun events that we organize for chegs to take a break from the stress of everyday college life, and numerous opportunities to connect with alumni, employers, professors, and more. 

However, cheg isn't everything I do! Some fun facts about me: I'm left handed, love to ski, and studied abroad in Rome the summer after my freshman year. I'm excited to see what this year has in store for me at ND and hope to plan plenty of great events for AIChE members!

Jacquelyn Folts


I'm Jacquelyn Folts and I'm a Chemical Engineering and ACMS double major. I'm a Senior, living in Cavanaugh. I'm originally from Glen Ellyn, IL. I like being a part of AIChE because it gives me the opportunity to develop professionally and to meet other chemical engineers and have fun as well. 


Kiana Caranto


My name is Kiana. I am originally from Oahu, Hawaii and am a senior at ND. On campus, I am involved in academic research, CSC seminars, Hawaii Club, and obviously AIChE. I switched my major around a lot during my first year, but eventually settled on chemical engineering because there is so much you can do with it My main interests are in the energy and biotechnology industries, and am 

thinking about attending graduate school. AIChE is a great resource to get to know people within the major and better understand the options chemical engineering presents you with!


Kieran O'Neill 

Vice President

Hey guys, I’m Kieran O’Neill, a junior chemical engineering major from Hawthorne, NY, and my on-campus home is Keenan Hall. I would say my preferred field within chemical engineering is biomolecular engineering, as I find tissue engineering and related topics very interesting. I chose to take part in AIChE because I felt it presented a great opportunity to get to see the many different career paths chemical engineers can explore after graduation.