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ChemE Car

The ChemE Car Competition is an event sponsored by AIChE where we power a small car by a chemical reaction.  We build this car and choose a reaction that will carry a certain amount of water a specific distance (the exact distance and amount of water aren't given until the day of the competition).  Our job is to have a car travel as close to the correct distance as possible.

We are a member of the AIChE North-Central Student Regional Conference and have competed each year in the ChemE Car Competition since 2015.  As a member of the ChemE Car Team we have the chance to meet other chemical engineers from around the region, participate in a poster presentation of all the ChemE Car teams, and attend several chemical engineering guest lectures.

Each year we brainstorm ideas to make our car more competitive. All ideas are welcome!

This is a fantastic way to get to know older CHEGs.  You can learn a little bit more about your major, and gain experience working in a lab.

If this club sounds interesting to you, please email either Kiana Caranto () or Kieran O'Neill ().  We are happy to have you join us!


ChemE Car 2018