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Meet The Mentors

Alicia Czarnecki | Environmental Engineering

Dorm: Pasquerilla East Hall

Hometown: Hastings, MI

I play trombone in the ND Marching Band and am involved in the Society of Women Engineers. I have worked in 3 civil/environmental engineering labs on campus and I am an intern with the Bowman Creek Educational Ecosystem, a community development organization that works to put green infrastructure and urban design solutions in a neighborhood in South Bend.

Nico Garcia | Electrical Engineering

Dorm: Dillon

Hometown: Tome, NM

-Subsists solely on Kerrygold butter
-Will only do laundry on Sundays
-Peanut Butter Preference: Crunchy
-Once baked a loaf of coconut flour bread
-Can operate a John Deere 410G backhoe in all capacities
-Owns a pair of toe socks. They're really comfy
-Has probably never attempted to unlawfully borrow a pair of ice skates
-Sings with the Glee Club
-Spent a year abroad at Oxford and really wants people to ask him about it
-Socially Liberal, Fiscally Neapolitan
-Nobody cooks better sourdough toast

Luis Lazalde | Chemical Engineering

Concentration: Biomolecular Engineering

Dorm: Dunne

Hometown: El Paso, TX

Hey there friends! My name is Luis Lazalde and I am a Senior from El Paso, Texas studying Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Biomolecular Engineering. Notre Dame has given me the opportunity to dive into my greatest passion, which is to help others. I have been able to do this not only by working as an Engineering Peer Mentor, but also as a Spring Visit recruitment coordinator in the Office of Admissions, as a STEM Ambassador for my dorm, as a leader on the Latino Freshmen Retreat, and through many other opportunities through MSPS, Campus Ministry, and others. In my time here I’ve also had the chance to study abroad in Rome, Italy for a summer, and conduct cancer research through the Chemical Engineering Department. If you have any questions about Engineering, spirituality, Star Wars, or anything else at Notre Dame, I’ll be happy to answer. I can’t wait to meet you soon!

Jamie Maher | Computer Science

Minor: Constitutional Studies

Dorm: Pasquerilla East

Hometown: Geneva, IL

Hey guys! I'm Jamie and I am a Computer Science major. I love programming and I love learning about all the amazing things a computer can do. Besides being a member of the Peer Mentors, I am a proud member of the clarinet section in the Band of the Fighting Irish! I spent this last summer doing research for a professor, and the summer before that taking engineering classes in London. I'm so grateful for all the opportunities Notre Dame has offered me, and I am so thrilled to be able to give back by helping out first year engineering students. Let me know if you have any questions about CS, band, or how to make the perfect omelet at North Dining Hall. 

Monica McFadden | Environmental Engineering

Dorm: Farley

Hometown: Ft. Wright, KY

Welcome to the College of Engineering! Years of experience cheering as my high school's mascot (go Pandas!) have prepared me to encourage and enliven even the most sleep-deprived engineer! I'll be your biggest fan! But, seriously, engineering is awesome; I love it because it gives you the chance to make an impact on a large scale. You can literally change the world! On a similar note, one of my favorite things about Notre Dame is the amazing resources we have to help students achieve their full potential. Personally, I have had the great opportunity to do research with professors and Ph. D. candidates for the past three years, and have really found my passion (and great career connections!) through those experiences. Besides Peer Mentors, I am also involved in the Environmental Engineering Club, Special Olympics, and the Shamrock Leadership Series. I can't wait to meet you all very soon!

Joseph Mullen | Mechanical Engineering

Dorm: Alumni Hall

Hometown: The Woodlands, TX

I was in BAJA SAE and American Society of Mechanical Engineers as a sophomore, but decided to join peer mentors as a junior in a effort to help other students out more.

Wai Yeng Wong | Chemical Engineering

Second major: Economics

Dorm: PW

Hometown: Singapore, Singapore

Engineering is extremely versatile and it really embodies the ideology of work hard play hard!
International ambassadors, research assistant, tutor

Liliquoy Wick | Aerospace Engineering

Dorm: Pasquerilla East

Hometown: Tempe, Arizona

I'm also involved in the Ballroom Dancing club and Rocket club at Notre Dame. I love outer space and I'm hoping to use my degree to pursue a job relating to outer space.