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Membership Information

Why Become a Member of SWE?

  • You are eligible to apply for director and officer positions.
  • Our section will pay for you to attend the regional conference.
  • You are eligible to apply for many scholarships exclusively for members.
  • You have access to free webinars and a subscription to the SWE magazine.
  • You can build friendships among other women or supporters of women in engineering.
  • There are countless connection opportunities with the community, working engineers, and industry tours.

How to Become a Member of SWE

1. Go to swe.org.

2. Select Members and then Join.

3. This should take you to the SWE Member Services Center site. Click on Become a Member (Non-member) on the left hand side. Enter the required information then click Create Account.

4. Fill in the profile information then click Save My Profile.

5. Choose from the following membership options and then click Continue.

  • New Collegiate Membership in SWE for $20 (for one year only) 
  • Collegiate to Career Membership in SWE for $50 (Highly Recommended - Covers your entire undergraduate career and first year as professional) 
  • Collegiate Membership in SWE and NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) for a reduced rate of $27 
  • Collegiatae Membership in SWE and SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) for a reduced rate of $21

6. Enter the required information. Be sure to select "H070 - Notre Dame du Lac, University of" for your SWE chapter and "yes" to the question "Are you reinstating your membership?". Click Continue.

7. Enter the required billing information then click Continue.

8. Review your order then click Submit Order.

9. You're now a Member of the Society of Women Engineers! Please forward your confirmation email to swe@nd.edu. Also include your major, graduation year, and a picture, so we can add you to the membership database.