Dublin, Ireland Summer Engineering

Kylemore Abbey in Connemara, County Galway, Ireland.

Program Description

In this 6-week, 6 credit program, you will live, study and explore three separate regions in Ireland. You’ll start your Irish journey by spending the first week of the program at Notre Dame’s castle-like Kylemore Abbey Global Centre on the west coast.

Then the program shifts to Dublin where you’ll stay in University College Dublin dorms and take classes in O’Connell Hall at Notre Dame’s Dublin Global Gateway.  In the final week, the program shifts to the historic town of Sligo to finish classes and explore the northwest coast of Ireland.

This program is open to all engineering students.

The 2023 program will be led by Notre Dame Professors Robert Stevenson and Tom O’Sullivan.


All students enroll in both of the following courses for a total of 6 engineering credits.

  • EG 34231: Digital Design for Smart Interconnected Systems
  • EG 34003: Physics & Engineering in the Practice of Medicine

Embedded systems are everywhere. Use your phone, look at your watch, turn on your TV, and you are interacting with an embedded system. Complex systems such as cars, robots, and airplanes will have dozens of embedded systems that work together to complete a complex task. In the Digital Design for Smart Interconnected Systems course you will learn the basics of designing, programming, and interfacing needed to build an embedded system. It will provide hands-on experience on how an embedded system can be used to solve Electrical Engineering problems.

Fundamental discoveries in physics and advancements in engineering have transformed the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human disease. In the past 60 years alone, we have seen the first whole body medical imaging (MRI and CT), successful use of the artificial heart and other implantable devices, decoding of the human genome, wearable and remote monitoring technologies, and numerous laboratory- and home-based diagnostics. These
technologies and methods were enabled by critical research in the fundamental engineering disciplines.

The goal of the Physics & Engineering in the Practice of Medicine course is to use these examples to introduce students to important concepts in biomedical science, with an overall goal to demonstrate how students can use their engineering training to address unmet clinical needs and opportunities. Topics to be explored include medical devices and instrumentation, biomechanics, biomaterials and implants, medical imaging, diagnostics, and bioinformatics / artificial intelligence. Examples will draw heavily from the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, which will remain a major societal challenge for the foreseeable future. We will arrange for a trip to a biomedical research facility in Ireland.


May 21 – July 1


You’ll live one week at Kylemore Abbey, four weeks in dorms at University College Dublin, and a week at a hotel in the town of Sligo on the northwest coast. 

Program Fee

The cost of the 2023 program is $8,800, plus a $250 University Study Abroad Administration Fee.

The program fee includes the cost of 6 Notre Dame engineering credits; accommodations for six weeks, including some group meals; GeoBlue international health insurance; all program academic outings and field trips; and on-site program support from Notre Dame faculty and Global Gateway staff.

It does not include the cost of airfare; some meals (about half of the meals are provided); passport/visa fees; international cell phone/plan; personal spending money.

All students are considered for need-based engineering scholarships to help underwrite program costs.


Applications will be accepted between September 22, 2022 and November 1, 2022.

Program assignments and waitlist notifications occur before Christmas break.


Feel free to contact:

Mike Kitz
Executive Director, Summer Engineering International Programs

Todd Taylor
Director, Summer Engineering International Programs