Research Overview

Discovery, design and invention

Notre Dame engineers create knowledge and technology, contributing to the good of society through discovery, design, and invention.

Notre Dame Engineering researchers — faculty, research staff, postdocs, more than 500 Ph.D. students, and undergraduates — work across disciplines within the departments of the College of Engineering and at the forefront of several university-wide centers and institutes. We multiply our impact by partnering with scientists, engineers, and scholars at other universities and research centers and with leaders of industry and government and nonprofit organizations.

Areas of impact

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

  • Bioengineering
  • Computation
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Materials and Thermal Science and Manufacturing
  • Robotics and Controls


  • Diagnostics, Devices, and Instrumentation
  • Mechanobiology and Biomechanics
  • Regenerative Medicine and Engineered Tissues
  • Imaging and Photonics

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Bioengineering and Diagnostics
  • Molecular Simulation and Data Science
  • Soft Matter and Nanomaterials
  • Molecular Simulation and Data Science

Civic Innovation

  • Safe, Affordable, Efficient Housing
  • Urban Environmental Sustainability and Resilience
  • Equitable Community Health and Wellness
  • Data-Informed Decision Support for Community Development

Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Fluid Dynamics
  • Environmental Earth Sciences
  • Structural Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Architecture and Systems
  • Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, and Visualization
  • Theories and Algorithms

Diagnostics and Therapeutics

  • Diagnostics
  • Diagnostics for Hazardous Environments
  • Health Related Behavior Sciences
  • Imaging
  • Precision Medicine
  • Therapeutics

Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical Circuits and Systems
  • Electronics, Photonics, Materials and Devices


  • Energy Conversion and Efficiency
  • Smart Distribution and Storage
  • Sustainable Bio/Fossil Fuels
  • Sustainable and Secure Nuclear
  • Transformative Solar and Wind

Flow Physics and Control

  • Turbulence
  • Experimental Methods
  • Numerical Methods
  • Aero-Optics
  • Propulsion and Power Generation
  • Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows
  • Environmental Flows


  • Imaging and Characterization
  • Nanoelectronics and Fabrication
  • Multiphysics Modeling
  • Synthesis and Growth

Wireless Communications and Networking

  • Crowded Devices
  • Drone Sounder: Measuring Cellular Signals
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Fast Mobile Network Characterization
  • Millimeter Wave Transceivers
  • RadioHound: Distributed Spectrum Sensing
  • SAR Improved Phone Design