Engineering Innovation Hub at Notre Dame

Notre Dame’s Engineering Innovation Hub (EIH) is a unique learning and innovation environment on the first floor of Cushing-Fitzpatrick Halls of Engineering — offering students, faculty, and industry partners resources for collaboration, fabrication, automation, robotics and modeling.

Two undergraduate students setting up equipment in the EIH.

The EIH combines dedicated collaboration space with leading-edge technology and expertise, including advanced manufacturing; additive manufacturing (3D printing); metrology and computing resources; and fabrication and machining technology.

The EIH classroom full of students
The EIH is part of a growing ecosystem of experiential learning spaces at Notre Dame that empowers innovation and the sharing of best practices among students, faculty, and industry partners.
A close-up photo of an Advanced Manufacturing process in action

Advanced Manufacturing

Learn how to improve manufacturing products and processes using an automation robot trainer, waterjet cutter, and 3D metal printer.

A photo of a 3D printer with small geometric objects inside

Additive Manufacturing

Take ideas from concept to prototype and products from vision into a reality with several kinds of 3D printers.

A hand holding a 3D scanner scanning an object near a laptop


Make precision measurements with an optical comparator, handheld 3D scanner, white-light profilometer, and measurement arm with scanner.

The Advanced Manufacturing Area of the EIH
A blue graphic with hexagons that reads "Industry Labs" and "Engineering Innovation Hub."

The EIH is proud to serve as a regional resource to develop innovative product solutions for established companies and new start-ups.

Companies interested in learning more are welcome to contact iNDustry Labs, Notre Dame’s dedicated platform for collaboration with regional industry partners, at

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