Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)

Conducting research alongside Notre Dame faculty is a great way to gain valuable hands-on experience that can enhance your career prospects and/or higher education aspirations.

The College of Engineering offers its own summer research experience program, E‑SURE, and numerous other summer opportunities are available at Notre Dame.

Explore your options below and apply now for Summer 2024.

E-SURE – Engineering SUmmer Undergraduate Research Experience

The College of Engineering’s undergraduate research opportunity program, E-SURE, gives undergraduates many opportunities each summer to experience hands-on research.

The program offers a variety of research projects to choose from, including (in 2024) immune mechanics, wearable robots, hurricane simulation, bioinspired robots, manufacturing processes, soft materials, earthquake resistant structures, computer architecture and more!

Undergraduate researcher supervised by Professor Matthew Webber

You’ll join a community of scholars and work alongside experienced faculty members conducting research that could pave the way for future breakthroughs in your field. You’ll also collaborate with other driven students and learn about graduate student opportunities and how to apply for graduate fellowships.

SMASH researchers learn how to load and run a sample in the differential scanning calorimeter (DSC).

SMASH – Soft Materials for Applications in Sustainability and Healthcare Engineering

For undergraduates interested in research related to energy, water resources, sustainability and healthcare.

Undergraduate researcher with Professor Patrick Fay

AWARE – Advanced Wireless Research Experience

For undergraduates interested in hands-on, innovative research in wireless networking, robotics, UVAs and mobile computing.

NURF – NDNano Undergraduate Research Fellowships

For undergraduates interested in conducting nanotechnology-related research with a faculty mentor, postdocs, and graduate students.

Slatt Fellowships for Undergraduate Research in Energy Systems and Processes

For Notre Dame students and visiting students from minority-serving academic institutions who are interested in sustainable energy.

i-SURE – International Summer Undergraduate Research

For international undergraduate and master’s students seeking opportunities to conduct research at Notre Dame.

Naughton Fellowship Research Experience for Undergraduates

For Notre Dame undergraduate researchers in STEM disciplines who wish to conduct summer research in Ireland.

SEEDS – Summer Education and Engagement for Data Science

Internships for Notre Dame and St. Mary’s College undergraduate students in data-science related disciplines to teach and mentor high-school students

Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory Internship Program

For undergraduates who wish to collaborate with industry partners and global experts in the fields of aerospace and mechanical engineering.