Minor in Engineering Corporate Practice

The College of Engineering collaborates with the Mendoza College of Business and the College of Arts and Letters to offer this unique experience that prepares you for your future career while exploring topics at the intersection of engineering and business.

The Minor in Engineering Corporate Practice (MECP) is open to all engineering undergraduates.

Required coursework

For the minor, you’ll take five courses:

  1. EG40421 or EG44421 (Integrated Engineering and Business Fundamentals)
  2. EG40422 (Advanced Integrated Engineering and Business Concepts)
  3. Economics Course
  4. BAEG 20100 / BASC 20100 / ACCT 20100 (Foundations of Accountancy) and/or BAEG 20150 / BASC 20150 / FIN 20150 (Foundations of Finance)*
  5. BAEG/MGTO 30500 (Intro to Entrepreneurship) or BAEG/MGTO 30510 (Social Entrepreneurship) or BAEG/MGTO 41500 (Idea Discovery Lab) or BAEG/MARK 20100 (Foundations of Marketing)*

*Notes: Two courses from the Mendoza College of Business must be taken, and BAEG 20100 or BAEG 20150 must be included in your selection (you may also select both finance and accounting to complete the minor). You must register for the BAEG designated sections. Only 1 Mendoza course may be taken in a given semester.

Three of the courses may be double counted towards the minor and engineering degree requirements. Those include Econ, fulfilling the University social science requirement, plus the EG40000 courses, counting toward your engineering elective requirements.

ECON courses may include (but not be limited to):

  • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 10010, 10011, 20010, or 20011)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 10020 or 20020)
  • Intermediate Micro Theory (ECON 30010)



Mike Kitz

Todd Taylor