Ahsan Kareem

Professor Ahsan Kareem

Robert M. Moran Professor of Engineering

Director, NatHaz Modeling Laboratory






156C Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

Areas of Interest

Ahsan Kareem uses synergistic approaches, including computer models, laboratory and full-scale experiments to better understand and predict the impact of natural hazards on the constructed environment and to develop measures to enhance their performance.

Specific topics are:

  • Database-enabled design, advanced analysis framework and monitoring of tall buildings, long span
    bridges and wind turbines
  • Damping and design of “Aqua Sloshers” (liquid dampers)
  • Safety and risk assessment, performance-based design and impact of climate change
  • Characterization and modeling of extreme winds, e.g., hurricanes and thunderstorms
  • Development of cyber-based virtual collaborative research platforms, living laboratories and crowd
    sourcing the design of civil infrastructure
  • Wavelets, shapelets, Volterra systems, POD and DMD for data analysis and modeling
  • Scientific machine learning, surrogate modeling, data analytics, digital twins
  • Computational fluid dynamics