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Richard Billo

Richard Billo

Associate Vice President for Research; Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Areas of Interest

Advanced manufacturing and information systems

Gianluca Blois

Gianluca Blois

Research Assistant Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Experimental modeling of porous media, fluid-structure interaction

Paul Bohn

Paul Bohn

Arthur J. Schmitt Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Director, Institute for Precision Health

Areas of Interest

Use of molecular nanotechnology for chemical analysis

Professor Diogo Bolster

Diogo Bolster

Professor and Notre Dame Collegiate Chair in Hydrology

Director of Graduate Studies

Areas of Interest

Environmental fluid dynamics, transport and reactive flows in heterogeneous porous media, multiphase flow in porous media, buoyancy driven flows, sustainable building ventilation

Professor Kevin W. Bowyer

Kevin Bowyer

Schubmehl-Prein Family Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Areas of Interest

Biometrics, data mining, computer vision, pattern recognition, applications to medical imaging, ethics and computing, computer science education

Professor Jay Brockman

Jay Brockman

Director, Center for Civic Innovation

Professor of the Practice, Computer Science and Engineering

Professor Merlin Bruening

Merlin Bruening

Donald and Susan Rice Professor of Engineering

Areas of Interest

New thin films for protein capture in porous membranes, ion separations in electrodialysis, controlled digestion prior to analysis with mass spectometry

Professor Ramzi Bualuan

Ramzi Bualuan

Teaching Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Areas of Interest

Databases, advanced database projects, visual FX

Professor Peter Bui

Peter Bui

Associate Teaching Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Areas of Interest

Systems programming, operating systems, parallel computing, cloud computing, distributed computing, programming languages, compilers, web services

Burghoff, David Headshot EE

David Burghoff

Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Quantum and Nonlinear Optics