Thomas Fuja

Professor Tom Fuja

Professor, Electrical Engineering

Faculty Director, iNDustry Labs






200 Cushing Hall of Engineering and 150 Quinn Hall, Innovation Park

Areas of Interest

Prof. Fuja’s research addresses the reliable transmission of information over inherently unreliable and/or constrained communication channels, especially in the context of wireless systems. This includes the design, analysis, and implementation of high-performance, low-complexity coding schemes for error control.

In addition, Prof. Fuja’s role as the Faculty Director of iNDustry Labs, Notre Dame’s platform for collaboration with local industry, has given him the opportunity to explore ways that the two biggest economic forces in the South Bend region — a large manufacturing sector and a tier-1 research university — can leverage one another to the benefit of the region.



Ph.D., Cornell University, 1987
M.S., Cornell University, 1983
B.S., University of Michigan, 1981